Unclaimed Money & Property Locator

Have you ever considered that there might be some lost money or property out there with your name on it? Our easy-to-use map is here to guide you! Simply click on a state, and we'll direct you to the official government site for unclaimed money and property in that region.

You could uncover anything from dormant bank accounts to uncollected security deposits. It's straightforward, secure, and full of possibilities. Why not start your search today and see if there are any hidden treasures waiting for you?

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Why You Might Have Unclaimed Money

  • Forgotten Bank Accounts: You might have opened a bank account years ago and forgotten about it. It's worth taking a look!
  • Uncashed Paychecks: If you ever left a job without picking up your final paycheck, that money could still be out there.
  • Overlooked Tax Refunds: Moved and forgot to update your address? Your tax refund might have been sent to the wrong place.
  • Unclaimed Insurance Proceeds: You could be entitled to proceeds from insurance policies without even realizing it.
  • Inheritances: A relative may have left you something in their will. Make sure you haven't missed out on an inheritance.
  • Security Deposits: If you've ever moved without collecting your deposit from a landlord or utility company, now’s the time to claim it.
  • Stocks, Dividends, and Mutual Funds: Investment returns may go unclaimed due to address changes or simply being forgotten.
  • Contents of Safe Deposit Boxes: Valuables left in a safe deposit box? They remain yours to claim even if you've forgotten about them.
  • Uncashed Checks: Dividends, insurance settlements, and rebate checks often go uncashed. Check if you have any waiting.
  • Matured Savings Bonds: Old savings bonds that have stopped accruing interest might still be out there. Cash them in now!