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Maintaining your eligibility for unemployment benefits for the duration of yur claim needs you to conduct suitable employment offers that you collect through either your search or your referral from your state unemployment agency's workforce program.

If a low paying job offer is all you can find, whether you have to receive it depends on various factors. Certain states become stricter in requiring you to accept even low-paying job offers the longer you remain laid-off. Your state unemployment agency representative will be able to notify you what rules apply to you.
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Here in TN, you don't have to accept a lower paying job than your last one for the 1st 26wks. After that, you must accept a job at 75% your last pay. After about 6mo. you must accept a lower offer if it's 65% of your last pay. Your offer has to be minimum wage or more. This changed this year, last year you didn't have to accept a job paying any lower than your last for the duration of benefits.
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