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My organization is out of state (arizona) I am a PA based employee as a territory manager.  they have a 90 day probationary period and have a stated quota to be reached by the 90th day. I have worked hard, but have not hit the minimum goal, despite doing everything asked of me including working weekends in this salaried role.
Just before my 90th day, my manager notified me that they would like to give me another month to reach an extended goal, in order to stay on with the organization, and if i do not produce the extended goal by the end of the month I will be let go.

My question is, having done everything asked of me and not reaching the minimum expectations for outcome, am I eligible to file for benefits if I am fired?
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I hope you don't  get fired for all the hard work put in.
You should be,provided you meet all the eligibility criteria prescribed by the state.

Remember,your employer may contest and challenge your claim.
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