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We have a new process for safety. At one time when you did the safety walk you had to insure it started prior to the store opening and documented on a form. It changed in recent months to each department had to have it checked off in the computer by a specified time.
I was not able to confirm on two different dates when I did not have people in the departments prior to the dead line. Each time I did not confirm, I was overwhelmed with other tasks that also needed to be completed.
Insuring that the delivery truck was being checked off and ready to go, Opening locked gates to insure deliveries can be received, Handling customer service issues, Answering and solving Operational issues.
Do to the fact that I simply did not have the support/employees in place, I was trying to do so much I was late completing it the first time and out right forgot to verify the second time. When I was scheduled to come in prior to the deadline, but not opening. I would verify that it was complete and assist in its completion, because I knew how it was to open and have to run all over the place with departments not being staffed on a routine basis. The disturbing part is that on the second occasion, there were three other persons who were able to assist with insuring that it was confirmed and it did not happen. Interesting enough others have made the same mistake through out the company.
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First of all, unemployment insurance becomes a question when you were fired due to performance issues(there are exceptions though).

Secondly,you will not be eligible to receive benefits as long as severance is being paid out.Please consider the option of applying for benefits when the severance has expired.
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