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Before i was hired almost 3 years ago, i told my boss that i had a son with health issues and there would be times that i would have to miss.  My parents both died 10 years ago and i am the sole caregiver to my teenage children.  As his health got worse so did mine.  In November of last year my boss and i had a talk about my attendance and he told me that i need to do better.  So i started doing my best to schedule doctors appointments ahead of time and let everyone know.  I was also told when i was hired that they did not need doctors excuses and everytime i would bring them one anyway they would throw them away.  I just need to know if you think that i even have a chance with this appeal.
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There is always a chance.  Have you filed the appeal?  Look over your situation carefully, gather doctor's excuses and medical documentation.  Describe the discussions with the employer and anything you did to reduce the impact on your job.  And any alternatives you may have explored and the reasons these avenues were not chosen.  Does the company have a politics for family emergencies?  Be organized and prepared.  Good luck.
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